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Space San Marcelino

Project at a Glance
Project Location: San Marcelino St., Ermita, Metro Manila
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 14 sqm -18 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.4 M – Php 3.5 M


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Space San Marcelino By Major Homes

Space San Marcelino is a 28-storey condormitel that is a project of Major Homes. This real estate development is located in San Marcelino Street in Ermita. A condormitel is basically what the name implies – it is a combination of a condominium and dormitory while also being operated and managed like a hotel. This is an innovative concept that is introduced by Major Homes to provide a place to stay in for interested individuals, whether for transient or long-term stay.

The entire development site for Space San Marcelino is 868 square meters in land area. There are 551 total units available at this condormitel. As of now, the project is in preselling status but it is projected to become open for buyers and renters for 2018.

Major Homes is the development team behind Space San Marcelino. This is a premier property developer in the Philippines with up to 30 years of experience in the industry. This real estate development firm is unique from others as they have established their name selling affordable homes, high-rise condominium hotels, and mid-rise condominium hotels. They aim to cater to the needs of the market and especially for the Filipinos who want to make real estate an investment. 

Space San Marcelino by Major Homes is a modern building that features a splendid art deco design. Hence, it is the perfect addition to the Ermita skyline in Metro Manila. However, the true essence of the building is what is inside of it and the units available. The building’s upper and lower floor features the lobby and retail area. Meanwhile, the parking facilities and other forms of utility for the entire building is located on the 2nd to the 5th floor. The amenity deck and the bi-level units are available on the 6th and 7th floor. The dormitory units are spread throughout the 8th to the 24th floor. From the 25th to the 28th floor, you will find the residential units. The penthouse and the roof deck are available at the uppermost floors of this 28-storey building.

The unit sizes available at Space San Marcelino starts at 14 square meters with the largest unit at 18 square meters. The interior layout for the 14 square meter unit includes bunk beds, built-in closets, toilet and bath, and kitchen with sink. The layout for the 18 square meter unit will also include bunk beds, kitchen with sink, toilet and bathroom, and a closet. However, it will come with a more spacious study area with tables and chairs. These two units are therefore suitable for students who prefer a secure and safe place to live in within Ermita. At the same time, you will also enjoy the low-density floor plan offered at Space San Marcelino. You can therefore enjoy the quiet and peace that you need in order to study or relax while in this building.

With two unit options available (14 square meter and 18 square meters), Space San Marcelino offers flexible pricing options too depending on which unit you opt to buy. The 14 square meter unit is available at a starting price of PhP 1.4 million. On the other hand, the 18 square meter unit can be priced up to PhP 1.7 million. All units are fully furnished so you can move in anytime and there is no need to purchase furniture to use on your unit. 

In addition to a wide range of price options, you will find it easier to finance your investment at Space San Marcelino with several financing options. The first payment option available at Space San Marcelino is through spot cash. Buyers who opt for the cash spot payment option can enjoy 15% discount on their chosen unit. The unit is payable within 30 days from the time of placing your reservation fee. The next financing option is through deferred cash payment. This method of payment will give you up to 5% discount on the listing price for the chosen unit. The deferred cash is payable within 24 months since reserving the unit. 

There are also various downpayment schemes available depending on what would suit your budget. You can choose to pay 30%, 20%, 10% , or 5% spot downpayment. The remaining balance will be payable through bank financing or via PAG-IBIG housing loan. 

In addition to a beautiful layout and unique concept, Space San Marcelino also boasts of its strategic location, along with modern facilities and amenities. These factors combine to add more value to your investment to make it a more coveted property in Metro Manila. If you are looking for more reasons to consider investing here, you can find out more about its location and the available amenities you can enjoy.

Major Homes Space San Marcelino in Metro Manila, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Space San Marcelino, then check here first. We have full details of Space San Marcelino updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Space San Marcelino - Location & Vicinity

Space San Marcelino is located at San Marcelino St., Ermita, Metro Manila.

Space San Marcelino is located in San Marcelino Street in Ermita. The district of Ermita is a historical part of Manila. Not only is it known as an educational, cultural, commerce, and financial center, it is also a civic center. Indeed, you will find a wide range of government offices and buildings in Ermita. It is a vibrant part of Metro Manila and is also home to numerous tourist attractions. 

Space San Marcelino’s location in Ermita is therefore one of the highlights to this development. It is easy to travel to because it can be accessed via several main roads, such as Taft Avenue, Roxas Boulevard, and United Nations Avenue. To add to its accessibility, there are several transportation hubs to choose from when you want to travel to and from Ermita, which are mostly available on a 24-hour basis. The access to the Manila Light Rail Transit System (LRT-1) is one transportation option available. This MRT route will follow Taft Avenue and will have three stops available: Central Terminal Station, United Nations Station, and Pedro Gil Station. All of these stops are located within Ermita so you can choose from any of these three stops.

In addition to the MRT system, another reliable transportation option in Ermita is the bus system. The Lawton Bus Station is also located within Ermita. This is the main public transport hub in the area. Hence, its accessibility is also a huge convenience for the people who are living or staying in Space San Marcelino.

Ermita is also known to be a university hub with many notable universities located within the area. It is also for this same reason as to how the concept of Space San Marcelino came about. The following are just a few of the nearby schools and universities from this property: Adamson University, Philippine Normal University, San Beda College, La Consolacion College, San Sebastian College, Lyceum of the Philippines, Mapua Institute of Technology, and Centro Escolar University, to name a few. 

The location of Space San Marcelino in Ermita also provides access to the unit owners to many recreational facilities and tourist attractions. The Manila Ocean Park is one of these top attractions. It is a family-friendly attraction that you can visit and explore. Other notable tourist attractions in Ermita are as follows: National Museum of Fine Arts, Quirino Grandstand, Bonifacio Shrine, Ermita Church, National Archives of the Philippines, National Museum of Natural History, Arroceros Forest Park, Metropolitan Theater, Museo Pambata, and more.

For your health and medical needs, hospitals are nearby to come to your aid and provide the service you need. Some of the best hospitals located within Ermita include Philippine General Hospital, Manila Doctors Hospital, ManilaMed, and the MedicalCity Ermita. On the other hand, you can experience shopping and entertainment at the following establishments located near Space San Marcelino: Robinsons Place Manila, SM City Manila, Harrison Plaza, Robinsons Otis, and Times Plaza. All of these shopping centers and malls combine to provide you with many retail options, as well as entertainment opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Nearby Schools

  • Adamson University
  • Technology University
  • Philippine Normal University
  • Mapua Institute of Technology
  • Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila
  • Lyceum of the Philippines
  • San Juan de Letran
  • Centro Escolar University
  • San Sebastian College
  • San Beda College
  • La Consolacion College
Space San Marcelino Location

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Pocket Garden

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Study Hall

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Interior View

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Space San Marcelino - Features & Amenities

Space San Marcelino not only features a modern architectural design – it is also equipped with modern facilities, amenities and features. These amenities are designed to help you capitalize on the modern conveniences associated with living at the heart of Metro Manila. While the ideal location is enough reason to want to invest in your own unit at this development, the features and amenities available is going to add more value to your investment.

All units are fully furnished by the time you move in. Hence, you can save yourself the hassle of trying to buy furniture to equip your home with the basic amenities you need to survive on a day to day basis. For example, each unit comes with built-in bunk beds with the mattresses in it. Every unit is also equipped with an aircon and built-in cabinets for your closet and the kitchen. Other kitchen appliances that are included within this unit are microwave oven and refrigerator. Meanwhile, the bathroom is also equipped with hot and cold shower. With these basic facilities provided for you, all you need to take care of are your personal belongings when it is time to move into your unit. 

The dormitel units at Space San Marcelino are also handled by professional property managers Asset Management Group. They will be responsible for taking care of the housekeeping duties, execution of rental contracts, collecting rental fees, maintenance of the facilities at the building, and security personnel. Hence, you can guarantee that the unit will be well-kept and clean at all times. This is another convenient feature that is suitable for busy students and young professionals.

In addition to the basic services and facilities provided for unit owners at Space San Marcelino, there are also several lifestyle amenities that would satisfy your needs. For instance, there is a fitness gym or center available at the amenity deck in Space San Marcelino. This is a suitable amenity for the fitness-conscious individuals who aspire to maintain their fitness level. You can easily access the fitness gym within the building so you won’t have to travel to a nearby gym or pay monthly membership fees. 

Aside from the fitness gym, you will also find a lot of pocket gardens throughout the building. There is a misconception that high-storey buildings lack the natural element in it. Hence, the developers at Major Homes wanted to incorporate as many green and natural elements into the building to ensure that it can make it more inviting and livable. 

As for the building facilities, you can take advantage of two high-speed elevators to make things more convenient. There are also three levels of parking spaces available and more amenities at the amenity deck. Whether you want leisure and active facilities, you will find what you need at the amenity deck. In case you need to do some retail shopping too, you won’t have to go to the nearest mall. The lower floors are equipped with retail spaces that you can go to for your shopping needs.

  • Iconic Art Deco Design
  • Two Elevators with Air Conditioned Main Lobby
  • Three Level Parking Lot
  • Two Level Retail Stores for Dining and Convenience Shopping
  • Amenity Deck at the 7th and 6th Floor
  • Sky Garden
  • Active Gym
  • Study Hall
  • Secure Premises with Security Key Card for All Unit Owners
  • Wi - Fi Provision on All Floors
  • CCTV System for Common Areas and Elevator Cars
  • 24 - Hour Security
  • Fully Automated Fire and Smoke Detection System
  • Water Reservoir and Separate Fire Reserves
  • Stand - by Emergency Power
  • Centralized Garbage Collection System
  • Cable TV Provision

Space San Marcelino - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
100% Spot Cash with 15% Discount on the List Price
Due within 30 Days after Reservation Fee
Option 2: Deferred Cash
5% Discount on the List Price
Deferred Cash payable over 24 months
Due within 30 Days after Reservation Fee
Option 3: 30-70 Spot Down Payment Scheme
2.5% Discount on the List Price
30% Spot Down Payment
Due within 30 Days after Reservation Fee
70% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 4: 20-80 Spot Down Payment Scheme
1% Discount on the List Price
20% Spot Down Payment
Due within 30 Days after Reservation Fee
80% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 5: 5-25-75 Spot Down Payment Scheme
5% Spot Down Payment
Due within 30 Days after Reservation Fee
25% Payable over 23 months
5% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 6: 10-20-70 Spot Down Payment Scheme
1% Discount on the List Price
10% Spot Down Payment
Due within 30 Days after Reservation Fee
20% Payable over 23 months
75% Balance payable through Cash or Bank Finance
Option 7: 20-80 Spot Down Payment Scheme
6.5% Discount on the List Price
20% Spot Down Payment
Due within 30 Days after Reservation Fee
80% Balance payable over 24 months

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